Hisilicon Technologies — разница процессоров для AHD MHD DVR


Key features:
Dual-core ARM Cortex A9@1.0GHz;
Up to 16-channel 1080P@30fps input capacity;
8x1080p@30 fps+8xCIF@30 fps H.264 encoding+4x1080p@30 fps H.264 decoding;
HDMI 1.4+VGA+CVBS outputs,with the maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160@30 fps;
Integrated GMAC,Four SATA 3.0/PCIe 2.0/USB 3.0 multiplexed interfaces,2xUSB 2.0;

Key features:
Cortex A7@1.1GHz;
Up to 8-channel 1080P@30fps input capacity;
4x1080p@30 fps+4xCIF@30 fps H.264 encoding+1x1080p@30 fps H.264 decoding;
HDMI 1.4+VGA+CVBS outputs;
Integrated GMAC,2xSata3.0,2xUSB 2.0.

Key features:
Cortex A7@800MHz;
Max.8-channel 720P@30fps input capacity;
4x720p@30 fps+4xCIF@30 fps H.264 encoding+4x720p@30 fps H.264 decoding;
HDMI 1.4+VGA+CVBS outputs;
Integrated GMAC,2xSata,2xUSB 2.0.

Key features:
Cortex A9@660MHz;
Max. 4-channel 720P@30fps input capacity;
4x720p@25 fps+4xCIF@25 fps H.264 encoding+1x720p@25 fps H.264 decoding;
HDMI 1.3+VGA+CVBS outputs;
Integrated FE PHY,2xSata,2xUSB 2.0.